Concepts West maintains well-organized, protected warehouse storage facilities to hold both raw materials and finished products.


We provide space for high volume programs. You can realize significant logistical and economical advantages by reducing the costs associated with continually moving your product in and out of outside warehouses to meet fluctuations in product sales and/or unexpected problems in the supply chain. We offer additional warehousing and storage beyond the normal processing turnaround. We act as a buffer for demand fluctuations or provide regular ongoing space to simplify your logistical patterns and cycles. This service also enables you to limit freight cost by shipping the processed materials directly to the end user, making a centralized warehouse unnecessary.

Our space is neat, clean and temperature controlled. It is staffed with our own employee operators. Our operators are experienced, well trained and careful.

  • We shipped over 80 million pounds of product in 2005
  • We currently warehouse raw materials and finished goods for our customers
  • We have the personnel and equipment available to schedule, receive and ship materials
  • We are currently delivering raw materials and/or supplies to customers who want it on a just-in-time (JIT) basis
  • We have equipment and space on site to process and repackage material

Your Site

Not interested in warehousing in WV? Concepts West can operate at your site. We have the ability to set up a complete Distribution and Warehousing System at your plant site or in your area.

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