Concepts West uses multi-deck screening equipment to screen polymers and other materials to your specifications. Our customers have found we provide significant value by "fixing" a product that was contaminated with oversized particles, undersized particles, jackstraws, fines, or longs though our various screening processes. In addition to eliminating contamination, the final product performs to customer specifications.

After Screening, we can provide Packaging, Warehousing, Drying and Distribution services directly to your customer. Often this material, once considered for disposal, can be sold for full price. By combining our screening with our other services, (e. g. Blending, Sorting, Packaging, Drying, Warehousing) we offer one-stop service to enhance your product and distribute it directly to your customer.

Have Concepts West provide screening services for your company.

  • Removal of fines or oversized pellets
  • Automated process
  • 6 processing lines

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