Supply Chain Management

Vendor Consolidation and Management

Manage current suppliers, streamline processes to the production line, develop innovative packaging solutions, and benefit from JIT inventory and logistics services: Concepts West can help you manage your supply chain from end to end.

Supply Preparation

Concepts West can streamline processes from the supplier to the production line:

  • Assemble custom packaging
  • Kitting of supplies
  • Repackage supplies into quantities that optimize your operations

JIT Logistics

Concepts West can provide a turnkey JIT stocking program for raw materials, packaging, and supplies by utilizing:

  • Our fleet of tractors and trailers
  • Our warehouses with the ability to ship and receive around the clock
  • KAN BAN areas maintained in your facility

We facilitate customer capabilities:

  • Maintain a consigned inventory (3rd party)
  • Provide warehousing opportunities to allow for bulk purchasing
  • Maintain a Just In Time inventory, including:
  • Bags
  • Drums
  • Raw Material
  • Pallets
  • Supersacks
  • Manufacturing supplies

Material Transfer

We have a variety of methods to transfer materials from one container to another.

Box and Pallet Remediation

We currently clean boxes and return them ready for reuse. We also clean them to be reused by Concepts West to package your materials.

We inspect and clean up the customer’s pallets, band them together and make them ready for reuse at Concepts West or at the customer’s location.

Information Technology

Concepts West maintains control over your supplies utilizing:

  • State of the art inventory management system
  • Cycle counting
  • Custom reporting of inventory levels

New Opportunities

Concepts West can assist you in qualifying innovative packaging solutions.

  • Research potential vendors
  • Conduct trials on new packaging materials
  • Engineer alternate packaging options

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