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In a continuously changing market, customers are insisting on more sophisticated and specialized packaging of products.  Concepts West has the capability to custom package your products in a variety of packaging types. We receive products in Bulk trucks, Gaylord Boxes, Super Sacks, Drums, Bags, etc. We apply your label to any of the package sizes and types, including:

  • Dedicated to bagging systems for poly, kraft, and/or valve bags
  • Two high-speed bagging lines
  • Three manual bagging lines
  • Bulk loading and unloading
  • FIBC packaging station
  • Bulk box repacks
  • Ability to design and implement Custom Packaging

With our proprietary packaging systems, Concepts West can help you meet your packaging or repackaging needs. Some of our typical packaging projects include:

  • Repacks - boxes to bags (using valve bags, heat-sealed kraft bags or poly bags)
  • Repacks - bags to boxes
  • Repacks - bag or box to fiber drum
  • Repacks - bag or box to 50 lb. carton
  • Packaging of reprocessed material
  • Packaging of polymers
  • Packaging of powders
  • Packaging to Supersacks (FIBC)
  • Packaging to bags or boxes from bulk containers
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