Logistics & Transportation

Logistics Services (Inventory Management)

  • We manage packaging inventories including purchasing responsibility.
  • We are connected to customer systems to provide real time inventory status.
  • We maintain inventories of both raw materials and finished goods.
  • We provide cycle counts and monthly inventories to customers.

By combining our Logistics Services with our other services, (e. g. Blending, Screening, Packaging, Drying, Warehousing) we offer one-stop service to enhance your product and distribute it directly to your customer.



We know you want your products delivered in a safe and timely manner. In order to care for them and to ensure that we meet your specific requirements, we have invested in maintaining our own fleet of vehicles of various sizes up to and including 53-foot trailer trucks.  We staff these trucks with our own drivers. We are fortunate to have drivers who know your products, locations, and delivery requirements. We believe that many of our competitors underestimate the importance of consistent and reliable transportation. They tend to use contracted services to move products without direct control over the movement.

We have:

  • Tractor and trailer fleet in place
  • Box trailers and SS bulk trailers