Using the latest in Drying Equipment (e.g.: Computer-Controlled, Conveying Systems, Desiccant Dryers, Dust Collection Systems, Moisture Analyzers), Concepts West can dry most polymers to your specifications. Our customers have found that we can provide significant value by taking a product that was once too high in moisture content for their customer, dry it, test it, package it, warehouse it, and ship it. Have Concepts West provide one-stop drying service for your polymers. We also temper the product by heating it to release unwanted substances. We have 21,200 lbs capacity to temper batches. By combining our drying with our other services (e. g. Blending, Sorting, Screening, Packaging, Drying, Warehousing) we can offer one-stop service to enhance your product, and distribute it directly to your final customer.

Application: Removal of moisture from resin; tempering of resin

  • Four dryer types
  • Tempering dryer (4)
  • Gas dryer with desiccated air (6)
  • Electric dryer with desiccated air (3)
  • Gas dryer with desiccated air and caprolactam filter (1)
  • Capability: Drying temperatures from 180° F to 300° F

Our laboratory is equipped with multiple moisture analysis capabilities.

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