Walk-Through Consultation

The Walk-through Consultation involves a small team from Concepts West spending time at your location talking with specific people and touring the site. The team consists of our Process Expert, an Engineer, and a Recorder. The Team Leader is the Process Expert who asks most of the questions. He has gray hair, is an expert in Production and Processing, and has a proven track record of successful constraint identification, opportunities, and solutions.

The typical Consultation begins with a meeting with the key decision maker(s) outlining the process, establishing specific organizational goals, and creating the schedule. The team will spend time with key representatives from your organization. Example questions each area can expect:

  • What is your greatest area for improvement? (What's currently hurting?)
  • What areas fall outside your core competences?
  • What areas are considered by your organization as not adding value across the entire organization?
  • How are you measured? What is preventing you from reaching your goal?

The tour will be taken in conjunction with the interviews. The tour is a powerful element to identify improvement opportunities. The concluding event is an exit conference where we will give you highlights of our initial impressions, ask remaining questions and schedule the next meeting.

The follow-up report is delivered in person to Key Decision maker(s) outlining findings and suggested changes. These suggested changes are divided into three major sections:

  • Action items the organization can implement internally without outside help
  • Action items Concepts West can implement cost effectively to help
  • Specific recommendations and suggestions involving Concepts West and the customer

This report and the suggestions are provided with no obligation.

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