A customer may require you to provide a product that is a mixture of two or more ingredients and repackaged as a new product. Concepts West offers an affordable alternative to installing costly equipment that would be used intermittently. Using both hopper and high-velocity blending technology, Concepts West provides a wide variety of blending options for our customers. Some of the typical custom-blending operations performed include:

  • Blending several lots into one consistent lot
  • Adding dry mold release to polymer
  • Blending to create uniform color
  • Dry blending of different color polymers
  • Blending to coat a product (pellet) with another product (powder) to achieve a coated pellet

Although our primary blending is with polymers, we have blended other materials as well, ranging from dry soup to make-up. By combining our blending with our other services, (e.g. packaging, screening, drying, warehousing) we can offer one-stop service to enhance your product and distribute it directly to your customer.


  • Melt-point modification
  • Filler / additive addition
  • Reinforcement addition
  • Color concentrate addition
  • Lot homogenization

Three blending options

  • Ribbon (2)
  • High intensity
  • Automated gravimetric

Capability: ±0.5%, up to six components

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