Selecting a partner to process your product isn't as simple as picking the one who is closest or cheapest. In many situations, Concepts West is the last set of eyes to see defects in your product before it is shipped to your final customer. We are your partners in quality assurance. Your final decision on contracting out post-production processing should make your life easier, reduce your risk, provide you with a competitive advantage and add to your bottom line. Our customers find that we meet those needs.

We currently provide custom blending, screening, drying, packaging, warehousing, and classifying of engineering resins and compounded materials for a variety of customers throughout the US. And, although our primary focus remains in providing remediation services to the polymer industry, in recent years we have expanded our services to include distribution and materials management services. We maintain a variety of equipment that allows us to tailor our processes to meet your specific requirements. Regardless of the customer, business, or problem, we at Concepts West pride ourselves on working hard to provide solutions and services that are timely, economical, and to a quality standard that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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